Personal Home Protection Company Tasers Knives Hidden Camera Pepper Spray Launch the leading home and personal protection company has launched it's updated 2020 website. They carry a variety of items including pepper spray, tasers, and hidden cameras.

Protection Bay launches a nationwide expansion on it’s new website. The transition to becoming an online store now allows this unique store to do business 24/7. They will now be known as This online store specializes in offering the best, reliable and most cost-effective items for personal and home protection.

Along with a new website, has also launched a major thrust into surveillance. It has added numerous new items on the website including hidden cameras. Surveys have found that hidden cameras prevent and solve more crimes than any other item a homeowner can install. Child abuse prevention, petty larceny, assault, and even murder cases have been solved because hidden cameras were placed throughout a home.

The new website has added colorful icons on the home page that when clicked take the visitors to hundreds of new items for home and personal protection. New categories include Animal Repellents, Digital Voice Recorders, Diversion Safes, Dummy Cameras, Hidden Cameras, and Home Alarms.

The new website now carries an extensive selection of knives. These include Automatic, Butterfly, Disguised, Folding Knives, and Throwing Knives. In the same realm of knives, they also carry a variety of kubatanis.

Other miscellaneous protection items include Mace, Pepper Guns, Pepper Sprays, Pepper Shots, Personal Alarms, Safety Lights, Security Scanners, Self Defense Keychains, Cell Phones, Flashlight/Stun Batons, Lil Guy, Lipstick, MultiGuard, Runts, Sliders, Spikes, Stun Bats, Stun Knifes, Talons, Triggers, ZAP, Tactical Pens, Tasers, Pulse Plus, X2, X26P, Telescopic Steel Batons, and Throwing Stars.

The new site has many testimonies. Vicki O’Neal states,” The black keychain pepper spray is not bulky so it’s easier to and it’s not heavy. I clustered it with other keys and it fits well with the rest of my keys. It not flashy either. That’s another reason why I bought it. Easy to use as well”.

Protection Bays’ new website has been launched with numerous new items for anyone interested in personal, business or home protection. They invite customers to enjoy a 15% discount and free shipping during the launch of the new website.

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