Personal Financing For Practicing Dentists Expert Borrower Guidance Released

A specialist personal finance company for physicians has partnered with Dental Nachos to provide information on their low-cost, flexible personal loans to practicing dentists and those in training.

Doc2Doc Lending, a specialist finance company lending exclusively to medical doctors and dentists, has announced a partnership with Dental Nachos, a company providing continuing education and professional development to dentists and dental students. As part of the partnership, the companies have launched new borrower guidance to help practicing dentists and those in training understand key considerations before taking out a personal loan.

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Dental Nachos aims to support practicing dentists and dental students throughout their careers through its network of resources, including education courses and workshops, professional coaching, consultancy services, and study clubs. Doc2Doc Lending has partnered with Dental Nachos to inform dentists and dental students how responsible lenders can provide financing that better reflects their creditworthiness as dentists and thereby improve their financial health.

Dentists expect to take on significant debt during the long education and training required to become fully qualified dentists. According to a survey by the American Dental Education Association, graduates have an average dental school debt of over $290,000.

However, even after earning their degree or establishing their practice, there can be significant financial demands on dentists such as buying into a practice, purchasing equipment, moving costs, credit card debt, and other personal expenses.

Doc2Doc Lending offers personal loans with fixed interest rates and no early repayment penalties. They use a proprietary algorithm that looks beyond an individual’s FICO score and considers various factors specific to doctors and dentists, including the stages of their careers. This allows the lender to offer dentists personal loans that are cheaper and more flexible than other forms of financing and better reflect their needs and earning trajectories.

The application process is straightforward, with an answer given within 24 hours. Doc2Doc Lending will speak to every applicant directly and will advise them about cheaper forms of finance available for specific purposes.

Doc2Doc Lending was founded by Dr. Kenton Allen and Dr. Zwade J. Marshall to help doctors and dentists improve their financial health by offering personalized personal financing options.

A spokesman said: “We are delighted to be working with Dental Nachos to get our message across to dentists that Doc2Doc Lending offers them lower-cost, flexible personal finance designed specifically for them at various stages of their career.”

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