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Astrid Schmitt-Bylandt has launched her personal development, career, and business coaching services. She aims to help people achieve their goals and become the best versions of themselves.

Entrepreneur Astrid Schmitt-Bylandt has launched her personal development, career, and business coaching service called Solutions Finder. This service seeks to help people find solutions to all of life’s problems.

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The newly launched Solutions Finder provides one to one coaching for clients who need help in overcoming personal problems. Astrid uses her wealth of knowledge and expertise to help clients transform their thinking. She also empowers them to seek out all their life goals. The service also provides mentoring for those who wish to start their own business and provides the best tools to make each business start-up as profitable as possible.

Astrid’s services come in two packages: Personal Development and Business Career.

The Personal Development package includes helping clients to set and achieve goals, resolve unhappy relationships and negative experiences, and discover self-worth.

The Business Career package offers personalized advice on becoming a business owner, a list of contacts to move the business forward within a month, and networking opportunities that foster business partnerships. This package also includes a career development service for those already employed who are having a hard time making progress at work.

Having a wealth of knowledge and experience through her own personal failures and successes, Astrid has developed an impressive client list that she has helped to achieve their goals. Her clients are diverse and include famous actors such as Al Pacino and Sylvester Stallone but Astrid’s main focus is on helping the ordinary person realize all their dreams and desires.

There are numerous testimonials from the people she has helped. One of which is from a client by the name of Vanessa. Vanessa came to Astrid last year. She was a highly paid Director in a company and Freelancer before she became a mother. When her son turned two, she decided it was time to go back to work and pick up on her career. For over six months she applied for jobs, always got to the last stage but when it came to the final choice, the companies would always choose someone else. She was desperate and did not understand why.

She sought Astrid’s services and in a one to one coaching session explored all the potential avenues of growth. They spoke on the jobs she was going for, her preparation for interviews, and her own mental state which had changed into a very defeatists “I don’t think I can do this anymore” state. They worked together to find a job and prepare for the interview. She aced all of the interviews and got the job.

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