Personal Development Coach Claims Best Meditation App With Brainwave Frequencies May Safely Reduce ADHD Symptoms

Individuals interested in the latest mobile device apps focusing upon self improvement can now download for free what has been referred to as the best meditation app by Personal Development Coach Michael J. Emery.

Portland, OR, USA – September 19th, 2014 /PressCable/

Individuals interested in the latest mobile device apps focusing upon self improvement can now download for free what has been referred to as the best meditation app by Attention Shifting, LLC. The free bilateral meditation music with brainwave entrainment app is available on the Android, iPhone and iPad platforms and includes several free, full-length audio tracks that average 30 minutes each.

In addition to including soothing meditation music, these audio tracks available both as free in-app downloads and in-app purchases also utilize specific brainwave frequencies that have been demonstrated to safely and naturally alter the vibratory rate of the listener's brain through what is referred to as brainwave entrainment. The principle of brainwave entrainment works similarly to the scientific phenomenon of entrainment. As an example, a room could be filled with a number of grandfather clocks with pendulums and if all of the pendulums are set in motion at varying times the pendulums will eventually match the pattern and rate of the largest pendulum in the room. According to the developer of this app, the same phenomenon can occur within the human brain through the use of binaural beats – sending two different frequencies into the right and left ears which will cancel out the base frequency and cause the brain to resonate at a certain intended frequency.

The developer of this app suggests that altering brainwave frequencies may also be a safe way for individuals suffering from ADHD to relieve some of their symptoms. While further scientific case studies are lacking in this area, anecdotal evidence tends to suggest that the use of meditation, meditation music and brainwave frequencies may alleviate certain symptoms of ADHD and even help an individual to feel more focused, less anxious and more optimistic.

Michael J. Emery, Personal Development Coach and developer of what he refers to as the best meditation app, believes that individuals interested in self improvement and personal development will greatly benefit from daily, 30-minute sessions with the in-app programs and claims that meditation it is a great way to regain a sense of connectedness and focus in a world that is on information overload. The brainwave frequencies meditation app includes the following:

☻ Four free full-length meditation music tracks that can enhances a person's ability to learn how to meditate

☻ Brainwave frequencies in the form of binaural beats that have been demonstrated to help with relaxation and meditation

☻ Soothing meditation music that is gently looped and allows the listener a familiar, paced tempo that corresponds with meditative states

Michael J. Emery, Personal Development Coach and owner of Attention Shifting, LLC, stated that:

“This is one of the best meditation apps available on the marketplace for all of the major mobile device platforms and it can be downloaded for free so there is no reason to not try it out. The frequencies in the meditation music not only help with meditation but also studying, working and other behaviors that require attention to detail.”

Those interested in downloading the free meditation app or interested in more information can go directly to the site: Free Bilateral Meditation Music with Brainwave Entrainment App.

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