Personal Branding For Consultants and Small Business Owners – New Personal Branding Service Released

Discover the most effective strategy that top consultants, keynote speakers, authors and small business owners are using to skyrocket their sales and online exposure. Learn how to start competing on quality, instead of price in an already crowded marketplace.

Denver, USA – July 25th, 2014 /PressCable/ — It's now possible for consultants, small business owners, keynote speakers and coaches to become cited experts in the major media. This will enable them to leverage powerful authority to stand out from competitors in their niche. This new strategy, offered by 30 Second Video Marketing provides instant credibility in their area of expertise and will get them hired much more often. This is an outstanding way for these business owners to present themselves as the ultimate authority figures in their field and also gets them cited in national publications. Essentially, they will become instant celebrities in their own areas of expertise.

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This new system allows entrepreneurs to submit a simple online application with their own details including name, contact information and the quote they'd like to use. 30 Second Video Marketing will take it from there, do all the necessary work to get them cited and then send them the links to the citations.

Neil Walker, founder of 30 Second Video Marketing is quoted as saying, “This is an outstanding way for consultants and other coaching services to stand out from their competitors. These business entrepreneurs often find it difficult to frame themselves as experts in their field, especially if they are new in their field. This service allows them to be instantly perceived as the go-to expert in their own specialty”.

Needless to say, 30 Second Video Marketing also offers business professionals the ability to highlight their expertise through the use of short-form promotional videos. Video is an extremely affordable way to position businesses in front of potential new customers to increase revenue. Creating engaging videos is easier than you might think and it's a very cost-effective way to promote well established and new businesses alike.

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Business providers can get real value and authority links from media quotes, which is worth a great deal to their bottom line. This new service gets guaranteed placement the major media networks and allows them to add ‘As seen on' logos to their own websites, social media profiles and off-line branding. Once these businesses have become cited in the media websites, they instantly become a quoted expert in their particular field of expertise. They can then use these quotes and the authority they create in all of their own marketing collateral. Typically this is something that their competition does not have, and as a result, they are immediately perceived as a trusted authority.

This is not just any placement: they'll be included in multiple online articles as a ‘top recommended professional' alongside their own quote. Media citations like this are a strong conversion strategy which means they are much more likely to get potential clients to choose their business when making the final decision on who to hire for the project. In addition, they are also more likely to generate additional media exposure, which means even more new clients in the future.

Major business firms, public figures and coaches have leveraged the power of media exposure for decades. They accomplish this by hiring expensive PR Firms that cost tens of thousands of dollars per year. At that price, major media exposure has been out of reach for most individuals and business owners – until now. 30 Second Video Marketing now gives the power to position these business owners as the authority in their field and give them an unfair advantage in their market to immediately distinguish them from the competition.

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To make this extremely simple for clients, 30 Second Video Marketing does all the necessary work to ensure they have an attention grabbing, client converting profile photo that showcases their market authority. Once completed, they have a high quality profile image that converts like crazy.

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