Personal Alarm Anti Burglary Laptop Room Protection Emergency Gadgets Launched

Share this news:, an e-commerce site specializing in self-protection and home security products, has launched a line of portable, compact, and multifunctional personal alarm gadgets., an e-commerce shop specializing in self-defense and self-protection tools and devices, has launched a line of personal alarm systems and gadgets that can also perform other functions.

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The alarm systems launched by are primarily designed to scare off burglars and attackers, as well as to attract attention when the user is in danger or has a medical emergency. Designed as compact gadgets, the alarms may easily be carried around in different ways, such as strapped to a belt or purse, as a keychain, or even disguised as lipstick.

When activated, the alarms emit a piercing sound of around 90 to 130 decibels. Some models may also give off a visual alarm, such as a strobe or flashing light. The devices are easy to use, making them suitable for persons of different ages and abilities.

In addition to being portable and user-friendly, most of the personal alarm systems launched by are multi-functional, as well. For example, some devices can also serve as burglar alarms. They can be hung on door knobs or attached to windows, and go off when someone touches or gets close enough to the door or window.

Other models are also designed to protect laptops and other items of high value. Many of the gadgets also have a flashlight or area light function, with mechanisms that allow the light to be switched on and off without activating the alarm.

Personal alarms are known to be effective in deterring a burglary and other crimes, as well as in calling attention to a medical emergency. They may also be used to find someone who is lost, particularly a senior or a young child. Persons with disabilities, including those with movement or speech impairment, can also benefit from the security provided by these devices.

In addition to personal alarms, offers a wide array of self-defense and security products, including stun guns, pepper sprays, home alarms, and more.

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