Peridot Crystal Bracelet & Sets For Leo Zodiac Sign | Birthday Gifts Launched

Bliss Crystals, a US lapidary and crystal store, has announced the launch of a new gift collection for the Leo Zodiac sign, along with a crystal guide.

Alongside a mug and a birthday card, the online store now sells various products like bracelets and crystal kits that would make ideal gifts for a Leo.

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Bliss Crystals’ latest announcement coincides with the Leo season which runs from July 21st to August 22nd.

As stated in the crystal guide, in Western Tropical astrology, Leo is a fixed fire sign. Individuals born in this Zodiac sign usually like to be the center of attention.

There are 12 crystals compatible with the Leo star sign. To help shoppers decide on the ideal gift for the Leo in their life, the store offers a guide on the crystals and their various properties. It explains how each crystal complements the personality traits of the Leo.

As stated in the guide, Leos are born leaders with exuberant, dramatic, warm, and magnetic personalities. Crystals can be used to fuel that positive energy and motivate Leo’s natural generosity and courage.

Bliss Crystals explains that Peridot is Leo’s zodiac birthstone. This green stone is said to bring happiness, love, and prosperity. As such, the store offers several suitable gifts made with Peridot, including bracelets and pendants.

Another crystal that is recommended for Leos is Amethyst. Purple in color, this crystal is said to help Leos draw out spiritual focus to balance out any drama or over-exuberance. As part of the new collection, Bliss Crystals offers mini Amethyst hearts and beaded bracelets.

The Leo collection also features Pietersite bracelets for those who prefer a more subtle color. For customers looking for an elegant piece that is suitable for evening dress occasions, Bliss Crystals has designed sterling silver Moldavite rings and earrings.

About Bliss Crystals

Founded by a mother and daughter team, the company started as a small store on Etsy. By 2015, the store had outgrown Etsy’s technical and marketing capacities and branched out to build its independent online shop and website.

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