Perfect Life Ideas Launches Auto Trash Bag Car Garbage Can for Vehicles

Perfect Life Ideas released its new auto trash bag car garbage can that straps onto the back of any vehicle headrest and provides a handy garbage bag to keep a vehcile clutter free. More information is available at

Perfect Life Ideas has released its new multi vehicle Auto Trash and Garbage Bag to keep a car, auto and vehicle litter and clutter free and organized.

Litter, garbage and trash in a vehicle almost always clutter a vehicle and is something that almost everyone encounters in their day to day life. The Auto Trash Bag is a solution and a very convenient option to keep a car cleaner, clutter free and tidy. The durable nylon interior lining makes this car garbage bag leak-proof to hold any liquids that may spill from soda cans and bottles and keeps all the garbage and litter in one place.

Designed with convenience in mind it folds flat for storage inside a car glove compartment when not in use and installation can be done even by a child instantly behind the headrest of any most vehicles with the adjustable strap and snap buckle. This makes it suitable for all types of vehicles including cars, autos, minivans, trucks, and more.

Based on the comments of a close correspondent of the company, “We have designed the auto trash bag car garbage can so that our customers can keep their vehicles clean, neat and organized at all times. With innovation in design and with convenience of use in mind, we made it with a special leak-proof nylon interior lining to prevent leaks and spills.”

“The auto trash bag is designed to fold down flat for space saving storage in the glove compartment when not needed. It’s compact design and ideal size 10.5 inches tall by 9.25 wide x 7.0 inches deep make it perfect for storage of litter, trash garbage, yet leave ample rear seat legroom for passenger sitting in the back of the car or auto.”

Perfect Life Ideas has introduced and launched it on Amazon at a discount of 26% as an initial launch promotion of the auto trash and litter holder bag. More information can be obtained at

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