People With Bad Credit Ratings Finally get a Break in last half of 2014

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With competition being fierce for financing customers in the Car industry lenders are lowering the barriers for people with poor credit scores finally giving them the chance to own a decent car over a long term.

Maple Ridge. BC, Canada – August 19th, 2014 /PressCable/

August, 2014, Canada - In a recent report from Standard and Poors, experience has shown over the last 6 months that sub-prime auto loan ABS (Asset-backed Securities) transactions are undergoing a deterioration phase. This is great news for those who have bruised credit and have had problems in the past at getting loans.

After examining the first six months of 2014, it appears that sub-prime lending activity has come close to the pre-financial crisis levels of 2009. In fact, those customers who were previously having issues in getting loans are now enjoying better lending terms and have more financing options like never before. They are now giving up their old vehicles and are going for newer and better vehicles due to easy lending terms. Most of the lenders nowadays are offering better deals with higher discounts due to high competition. In other words, consumers with poor credit records are now finding it very easy to afford or finance newer and costlier vehicles. Not only are the lending companies making it more affordable for them by providing longer loan terms (72 & 75 months), but they are also accepting lower down payments. This has resulted in a higher speculation among experts that 2014 will turn out to be the second highest year of sub-prime ABS volume. In other words, now is the right time to apply for a car loan and enjoy the benefits of better lending terms.

Based in Maple Ridge, BC, Canada, a loans research service called Guaranteed Auto Loans, contrary to what the name implies, does not itself loan any money. Instead it specializes in providing people with all credit situations the connection they need to get car loans at best interest rates from a local lending institution. Institution rates vary anywhere from 29.9% all the way down to the current standard prime rate of 3% as of August 2014. Loan rates vary depending on the applicant's credit score. These rates can be negotiated in almost the same manner as haggling with a street vendor in a third world country. The lender will always offer the highest rate they can get away with knowing they can lower it if the applicant balks. After dealing with the lenders for 24 years, Rob Taggart, owner of Guaranteed Auto Loans is a professional who knows immediately which lender to approach based on the applicant's pre-approval form. The lenders no longer bother to try the street vendor game; instead they just give their best rate. Rob then picks the best rate out of their offers of “best rates”.

Now sometimes a person's credit is so bad that there is no choice but for them to accept a 29.9% interest rate and they will only get that if they can prove they have had a steady job for the last 3 months with an income that can support the payment. This is where the Credit Re-builder Program swings into action. If the applicant makes steady payments for 1 year Rob can re-negotiate on the client's behalf for an even better deal often lowering the interest rate on average down to anywhere from %16 to 10% and in some special cases even at prime rate! Most people can't believe that this is even possible and distrust ads that offer 100% approval no matter what their credit rating is. Guaranteed Auto Loans has taken the unprecedented step of posting testimonials on their website which include the phone numbers of the people who gave the testimonials on their good and bad experiences when they tried to buy a car with bad credit. See Take advantage of this new lending environment, you may not see it again for a while.

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