People & Purpose Calls Attention To Women In Leadership

The Summer 2016 issue of People & Purpose shares stories of successful female leaders and discusses the challenges of women in leadership roles.

People & Purpose – Positive Leadership Journal released a new issue for Summer 2016, focusing on successful women in leadership positions, impactful stories and sharing a framework to help personal development.

The Summer 2016 issue of People & Purpose – Positive Leadership Journal is now available. The new multimedia issue shares stories of successful female leaders and discusses the challenges for women in leadership roles – and is now available for free at and on iTunes and Google Play.

“Against the backdrop of Theresa May taking office as the UK’s second ever female Prime Minister and Hillary Clinton potentially becoming the first woman President, women at work are still paid significantly less than men. Yet there are some shining examples of women at the helm of corporations, their own companies and communities. As an increasing number of female leaders find their way to the top of organisations and find their voice, one thing is clear: enabling women in leadership benefits all. It is not a binary or a win-lose issue: more diverse organisations are more successful in terms of finances, talent retention and innovation.” commented Eszter Molnar Mills, Editor-in-Chief of People & Purpose.

The Summer Issue includes:

Conquering the Pacific Ocean -The Coxless Crew broke world records by rowing 8,446 miles across the Pacific Ocean. Laura Penhaul, the team-leader shares the key leadership lessons of the challenging journey.

An entrepreneur’s business journey- Ronke Lawal, Public Relations and marketing specialist talks about her inspirational story, and how she achieved success.

Championing women leaders – Lady Kitty Chisholm and Shaheena Janjuha-Jivraj of BoardWalk Leadership discuss the importance of championing talented women and propose the CHAMP framework for organisations to realise the benefits of inclusivity.

3 steps to powerful personal development – Joanna Just shares a 3-step framework that can help to improve management and leadership skills.

A global woman – Mirela Sula of Global Woman talks about her story and achievements, and shares her thoughts on the challenges for women in leadership positions.

Reetu Kansal on the importance of courage for being remarkable.

People & Purpose is available for free and established and emerging leaders are encouraged to share the journal with others who find the information useful.

Eszter Molnar Mills Editor in Chief is available for comment. People & Purpose, the Positive Leadership Journal is published by Formium Development, a strengths-based leadership and organisation development consultancy. Formium focuses on creating effective solutions, which allow clients to identify and build on their strengths and do more of their best work. Its aim is to help individuals and teams improve their performance and become more engaged and more fulfilled within their work. Training and executive coaching is available for managers throughout their career path, including well respected internationally recognised qualifications in management and leadership from the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).

Drawing on academic research and good practice, Formium Development believes that taking a strength-based approach, focusing on positive behaviours and building on what is already working well allows leaders and employees to do more of what they are best at, resulting in enhanced leadership, team and organisational performance.

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