Pensacola FL Chiropractor Back & Neck Pain Holistic Adjustments Site Launched

Dr Robert Thomson has launched a new website highlighting the chiropractic services he offers to local Pensacola patients. He's an expert in many techniques to combat pain and overcome injury.

Pensacola based chiropractic specialist, Dr Robert Thomson, has launched a new website showing how he can help patients to unlock their health potential and improve their quality of life. He and his team provide individualized care with compassion and dedication to excellent service.

For more information please visit the website here:

Dr Thomson helps patients to heal in a natural and non invasive way by using the science behind how the human body and the nervous system works. He provides a wide range of treatments to help people recover from pain, injury, stress and more.

His chiropractic techniques include primitive reflex release, which is a unique approach to chiropractic treatment. This helps to reduce chronic pain and tightness by effectively reducing the over-stimulation of the automatic nervous system.

Diversified chiropractic adjustments can also be provided, which is a treatment used by many chiropractors when it comes to spinal manipulation. This involves high velocity, low magnitude thrusts to improve mobility.

The Gonstead Technique, meanwhile, focuses on the problem areas of subluxation. The team can correct obstructions to the nervous system, while the Thompson Technique is used in a gentle way.

Patients can also receive motion palpation, a diagnostic technique used by the specialist to locate joint dysfunction. This allows them to assess the movement of the joints and quickly and accurately correct any underlying issues.

A variety of other techniques are available, including cox flexion, active release, IASTM, and kinesio taping, which helps to alleviate pain by relieving pressure on the pain receptors.

Chiropractic treatments have a variety of well known benefits, and are proven to help with back pain, headaches, neck pain, joint pain, arthritis, and a collection of other issues and conditions.

The practice states: “Dr. Rob Thomson’s mission is to unlock your potential to heal and improve your quality of life through individualized and compassionate care. Dr. Rob has modeled his practice to be patient centered and takes as much time as necessary to listen, examine and treat each patient.”

Those wishing to find out more can visit his website on the link provided above.

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