Pennsylvania LARPing Group Speculates On How Events Can Continue, Despite Covid

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Despite the Pandemic, Pennsylvania LARPing Groups Are Still Hoping They Can Hold Outdoor Events. It Will Depend On People Wearing Masks And Respecting Social Distancing.

Can Pennsylvania LARP events (live-action role-playing) take place this year in light of the COVID-19 epidemic? Ryan Kelsey, owner of Alliance LARP Gettysburg believes that the events can, with some small but important changes.

“Obviously, having the event entirely outside is the safest option,” Kelsey says. “We are planning for events and trying to encourage people to prepare for them as well.”

Pennsylvania has been strict with its requirements for large-group gatherings, but PA LARPers are encouraged by the fact that outdoor gatherings have started again, including races, some sporting events, and outdoor dining.

Masks & Shields Could Present New Opportunities For PA LARPers

Wearing masks and carrying hand sanitizer could even provide a rare chance for players to change up their costumes and get even more creative, according to Kelsey. “The question becomes what would these players wear if they needed to have a mask? Would it be crudely sewn and look weathered or would it be prim and proper? What color would it be? How would it attach to their ears? What about face shields? It will be interesting to see what everyone comes up with for their own characters.”

Traditionally for live-action role-playing events, players need to adhere to strict costuming rules that dictate everything from what materials can be used to the style of clothing that can be worn – so adding a mask to the requirements will be an easy choice for any organization that wants to hold events.

Alliance Gettysburg Has Six Pennsylvania LARPing Events Planned For 2021

Right now, Alliance LARP Gettysburg has six events planned, with the hopes that some good planning and preparation (along with vaccines) will allow them to happen. The events will be held from May 7-9; July 16-18; August 13-15; September 17-19; October 15-17; and November 5-7.

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