PEMF Therapy Neck & Back Pain Relief Kit For Reduced Inflammation Launched

PEMF-Wave announced the launch of the QRS system, a medically approved physical therapy device with a variety of applications including acute and chronic pain relief, cell regeneration and various others.

PEMF-Wave, a company specializing in high-quality pulse electromagnatic field (PEMF) therapy, announced the QRS system, a therapy kit which is ideal for physical therapists and private users looking for an effective way to reduce pain and inflammation and promote natural tissue healing. Based on extensive research and widely accepted by medical organizations throughout the world, PEMF therapy is ideal for sports injury treatment, muscular recovery, and a wide range of other musculoskeletal applications.

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PEMF – short for pulse electromagnetic field – therapy uses short bursts of electromagnetic radiation to heal the damaged muscle and bone, alleviate pain, and promote optimal tissue regeneration. With more than six decades of clinical success, PEMF is an FDA-approved treatment which is widely popular with therapists, sports centers and other health experts and centers throughout the world.

The QRS system offered by PEMF-Wave is a form of PEMF therapy is based on targeting ion transport and specifically developed to support both cell revitalization and cell metabolism.

With more than 200 research papers documenting its benefits and over 200,000 units manufactured since 1990, the QRS system is one of the most popular PEMF therapy choice.

A spokesperson for PEMF-Wave explained its numerous applications: “The medically accepted effects of the QRS® system are many. The PEMF effect touches all parts of the body, down to the smallest blood vessels. The bones are strengthened, the transmission of cell nutritional and waste components is magnified, the transformation of proteins is enhanced, and the physical body’s poor electromagnetic fields are also enhanced and stabilized. The regeneration of cell parts is stimulated and the strength of the body’s immune system is improved.”

PEMF-Wave offers a complete QRS system featuring two applicators for full-body and localized therapies.

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