Pelham GA Lease-Purchase Financing Company HVAC Replacement Financing Launched

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Pelham, GA lease-purchase financing company Okinus has launched a new lease to purchase financing program to help customers replace their HVAC system. The HVAC replacement financing program is designed for customers who are unable to access financing through traditional channels.

Pelham, GA lease-purchase financing company Okinus announced the launch of a new financing service for HVAC replacement. The new service expands the company’s existing financing options for air conditioning and water heating systems.

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The Suwanee, GA low credit financing company helps individuals access affordable lease-purchase solutions if they are unable to qualify for traditional financing or full down payments. These lease to purchase solutions are beneficial to individuals and families who have suffered adverse financial or life changes, have newly relocated, or are unable to access regular payment channels.

The Okinus lease purchase program for HVAC replacement comes to a customer’s aid for small and large maintenance or replacement situations. HVAC and other environmental quality systems usually require replacement following a home energy assessment or if the current system does not operate at its stated efficiency rating.

The US Department of Energy recommends the full replacement of HVAC systems once every 10 to 15 years. The replacement of ducting and major components can place a significant burden on a homeowner without access to traditional financing. The HVAC replacement financing service is available to qualifying customers who meet program requirements and can lease-to-purchase several models of energy-efficient brands of HVAC systems.

Industry experts recommend HVAC replacements when energy bills continue to steadily increase even after regular maintenance. The presence of foul odors or excess dust, moldy or humid air, and constantly malfunctioning parts signal the need for an upgrade or replacement. Okinus recommends evaluating systems based on their Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) ratings.

According to a spokesperson for the Mitchell County appliance lease to purchase financing company, “We are happy to introduce HVAC replacement financing to customers whose credit score or other financial factors may not permit them much-needed air conditioning and HVAC replacements. Our smart financing options help customers make the best of their current situation and move from lease to ownership as quickly as possible.”

Okinus is a lease to purchase program company offering instant $6,000 approvals to qualifying customers. The company focuses on financing lease purchases in Georgia and focus on lower-income customers, no down payments, early payment options, instant approval, and all-week customer access. The company works with retailers and direct consumers. More information is available over the phone at 800-472-1334 and at the URL above.

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