Pearly Whites Announces Whitening Gel Refill Product

Pearly Whites has announced the addition of Whitening Gel Refill packs to their product range on

Pearly Whites, a leading brand for at-home teeth whitening systems, has announced the addition of Whitening Gel Refill packs to their product range on

The Whitening Gel Refill Pack contains 3 syringes of the popular 18% carbamide peroxide Pearly Whites teeth whitening gel. These packs were designed to offer an inexpensive way for customers to buy the consumable gel product without needing to purchase entire kits.

“The Gel Refill Pack is a great way for people to save money while maintaining their ideal smile,” said Pearly Whites Managing Director Jake Munday. “These refill syringes contain our hugely popular whitening formula which works with the Starter Kits, Professional Kits and Best Friends Packs. The quality is the same, but at a fraction of the cost.”

The 18% carbamide peroxide formula used in the Whitening Gel Refill syringes is the same as in the popular Pearly Whites ‘Professional Teeth Whitening Kit’ that has been a best seller in Australia and the United States. The Professional Kit remains the popular product for those new to teeth whitening or looking for a more significant improvement, while the Refill packs are designed for people looking for a way to continue their whitening regime.

The three syringes in each pack should be enough for between 12 and 15 treatments, making this a very economical way to maintain brilliantly white teeth.

The packs are now available on the Pearly Whites website. Click here to view the product page.

About Pearly Whites Australia

Pearly Whites Australia is a leading brand of teeth whitening products dedicated to creating a way for the everyday person to achieve a celebrity-style bright white smile in the comfort of their own homes. Pearly Whites Australia uses only superior dentist grade whitening formulations.

Their teeth whitening products are now available in Australia, the United States and New Zealand.

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