Pearla Launches Dubai Luxury Fashion Conceptual Gowns Kaftans & Womenswear

Pearla, a women's fashion brand in Dubai has recently launched online, offering gowns, kaftans, and dresses made using premium fabrics and abstract designs, in addition to a range of accessories.

Pearla, a Dubai-based fashion label, has recently launched online, offering a range of high-concept, unique womenswear designed to capture attention, in addition to a collection of delicate 18K gold jewelry pieces and flattering accessories.

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Pearla Dubai is a newly launched women’s fashion brand, offering ready-to-wear garments, fine jewelry, and complementary accessories. Their new online store offers worldwide shipping and stocks women’s sizes ranging from XS to XL, although the garments can be customized and altered for specific size requirements.

The brand launch offers extravagant Dubai-based fashion, creating effortless glamour with attention-grabbing, premium-quality materials and abstract, conceptual designs. In addition to garments designed for everyday wear, Pearla offers dresses and kaftans as part of their celebration collections, specifically designed for Eid, Ramadan, and Emirati Women’s Day.

Their luxury gowns are fashioned from premium-quality satin, taffeta, crêpe, and cotton and are designed to capture attention through their high-fashion, conceptual designs and flattering cuts. The newly launched womenswear brand was established by Hessa and Fatma Ali Aljoker with the intention of offering a conceptual alternative to the styles produced by mainstream fashion labels.

Pearla’s newly launched range includes a capsule collection, which is a curated capsule wardrobe comprised of dresses, skirts, pants, and accessories perfect for chic, everyday wear. Pearla also offer a number of memorable formal gowns as part of their Under Water collection, decorated with patterns inspired by marine shells in a range of colors and designs.

Additionally, the recently launched label has curated a selection of complementary hair bands, bracelets, sunglasses chains, and chokers, in addition to a range fine jewelry made from 18 karat gold, including earrings and bracelets. The abstract, exceptional designs are ideal for events and everyday glamour.

A spokesperson for the company said “The main concept behind PEARLA brand is to introduce abstract and contemporary pieces that merge art, storytelling and a wide imagination with fashion. We like to think that each piece we created withholds a story, that the woman who chooses to wear a garment from Pearla, feels like the protagonist of a never-ending fairytale.”

More information is available at the URL above, or by calling +971-528009555.

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