Peak Pilates Rick Warid 2016 Fundamentals Principles Beginners Guide Released

A beginners guide for ‘Peak Pilates’, developed by Rick Warid with multiple health & wellness information, advice and resources, including a 49 page introductory e-book on Pilates, tailored to help seniors and baby boomers remain fit and healthy as they age, has been released

A premier health & wellness guide entitled ‘Peak Pilates: A Beginners Guide For Pilates in Your Peak Years’ developed by Rick Warid, providing a wide range of resources and information for seniors or baby boomers looking for ways to remain healthy as they age, has been released.

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The valuable done-for-you ‘Peak Pilates’ guide features a 49 page introductory e-book detailing what Pilates is along with its history and proven health & wellness benefits as well as advice on steps before beginning Pilates, what to expect in the first sessions, 4 Pilates moves to do and how to avoid some of the most common pitfalls.

Information on how activity and Pilates promote longevity and advice on how seniors and baby boomers can make exercise/Pilates part of their lifestyle along with an advanced chapter for those interested in taking it to next level, and more, are also available in the e-book.

The newly released done-for-you ‘Peak Pilates’ guide also includes multiple complementary resources and bonus offers, from access to several health & wellness or Pilates articles to an MP3 audio version and an animated flip version of the e-book along with an MP4 video course or a giveaway “Is Pilates a Good Idea for Seniors?” report, and more.

Additional information on the comprehensive ‘Peak Pilates: Peak Pilates: A Beginners Guide For Pilates in Your Peak Years’, its valuable 49 page e-book and the additional offers or resources included in the done-for-you guide can be consulted on the website link provided above or at

The Peak Pilates guide developer, Rick Warid, explains that “as people get older, taking care of their health and fitness becomes increasingly important. Eating the right foods and training regularly can protect seniors against a number of age related ailments including arthritis, chronic disease, osteoporosis, poor balance, vision problems, weakness, and more”.

He adds that “One of the biggest fears for elderly people is actually losing suppleness, balance & body strength. As a result, more and more seniors are now searching for information on how they can stay fit, have great balance and remain healthy as they age and that’s why we are providing much needed quality content and a life changing fully done-for-you product.”

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