Peak Performance Executive Coaching & Productivity Booster Tricks Book Released

The renowned peak performance executive coach, Will Dieck, announced the release of a new book sharing valuable methods and secrets on how to converge the power of mind, body and spirit to lead a more passionate and productive live with half the effort.

The acclaimed peak performance executive coach & motivational speaker, Will Dieck, has announced the release of his latest book entitled ‘Ordinary People, Extraordinary Life: The Convergence of Mind, Body and Spirit’.

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Will Dieck is an acclaimed executive peak performance coach, motivational speaker, master martial arts instructor and founder of Black Belt Breakthroughs, with over 30 years of experience helping hundreds of executives, athletes and entrepreneurs reach their true potential and new levels of performance through his unique mind, body and spirit Convergence methods.

The popular executive coach released a new book, entitled ‘Ordinary People, Extraordinary Life: The Convergence of Mind, Body and Spirit’, which draws on his extensive experience with performance coaching, ancient martial arts philosophy and modern social science to share with readers valuable mind, body and spirit Convergence methods to design and live a highly passionate and productive life.

The book also details valuable secrets and methods on how to discover why they want to achieve certain goals which in itself can help boost productivity, what is driving their automatic behaviors to drop the ones blocking success and how to develop a deep belief in their own abilities along with proven methods black belts use to put their bodies into a calm and relaxed state, no matter the situation.

The author, Will Dieck, explains that “when we converge the power of our mind, body and spirit, we can get twice as much done with half the effort. Ordinary People, Extraordinary Life: The Convergence of Mind, Body and Spirit, shows the methods and secrets needed to instantly snap into that highly passionate and productive state, anytime and anywhere. It allows anyone to focus their energy exactly where it’s needed and get the most out of every moment of every day. Or in other words, be able to design and live a passion filled life.”

More information on the new ‘Ordinary People, Extraordinary Life: The Convergence of Mind, Body and Spirit’ book and the author Will Dieck and his unique, proven and highly effective Convergence methods are available at the link below.

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