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Blindspot Global PCR Test For International Travel Testing For Covid-19.Depending on whether you are entering or departing the UK in this article we give helpful tips finding a PCR test provider.

With summer vacations back on the agenda this year under a traffic light system, resilient tourists are booking breaks to the UK again.

Nevertheless, travel is not as straightforward as it used to be as the UK government now require tourists to take a PCR Test and submit a negative result on arrival, which must be taken within a specified time frame beforehand. This is occasionally referred to as a “Fit to Fly” test.

Travellers to the UK are not allowed to use the free NHS testing service and should instead go via a private firm to attain their result, Blindspot Global are a registered UK Government supplier of all types of PCR test. In fact, they are listed in the top three on the UK government website for endorsed PCR test providers.

Michael Moran CEO of Blindspot Global comments Blindspot strives to help travellers get the right PCR test at the right time for their holidays or business trip, using years of knowledge Blindspot help travellers navigate the intricacies of the travel testing landscape. Every day Blindspot Global helps thousands of travellers to the UK with a quality PCR testing service at the right price for them, making travellers’ entry in to the UK go smoothly is Blindspot Globals main objective.

Blindspot Global are a direct-to-lab service supplying trustworthy, quick, and easy COVID-19 testing with a rapid turnaround of results. Whether you are looking for private PCR testing or for personal reasons or in order to travel, or a company needing bulk tests, Blindspot Global can help.

Travellers face a confusing selection of companies offering PCR Covid tests – the UK government’s website records hundreds of suppliers, the considerable majority of which are companies that most individuals will not have heard of. There have been numerous horror reports about people being left out-of pocket or even missing flights after being let down by the PCR testing firm that they paid.

This is where Blindspot global excel not only are they ranked top three on the UK government website, but they also have 100% positive feedback from their happy customers, Michael confirms this is down to Blindspot Globals dedicated staff who are always prepared to go the extra mile to help worried or confused customers.

The evident dilemma for travellers trying to choose a PCR test provider is that this is a very new market that is striving to respond to a swiftly shifting situation. That means prices vary and that companies that have a lot of stock today might run out of stock next week.

Michael ads, Blindspot global is constantly reviewing prices and PCR test stock levels, this is to offer a very competitive price and quality service, also advising don’t put off until tomorrow what you should have done today because stocks can suddenly be hard to get hold of especially now it is the main holiday season both in the UK and USA.

If you are traveling to the UK on holiday or business visit Blindspot global website today, a PCR test provider you can trust.

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