PCOD Ovarian Cysts Myths Natural Lifestyle Treatment Email Course Launched

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A new course on PCOD and treatment with lifestyle changes has been released. The free email course provides in depth information on ovarian cysts, their disturbing manifold symptoms and the positive impact lifestyle changes can have.

Nirogam has launched a new 12 email series giving women detailed information on what exactly aggravates PCOD and how to treat the condition naturally with lifestyle changes. The email series is packed with useful information on ovarian cysts, their causes and a range of current options.

Interested parties can subscribe free at: http://pcos.nirogam.com/course

Women have suffered from Polycystic Ovarian Disorder (PCOD) for years and most traditional treatments have been largely ineffective. Nirogam has now launched its new free email series as a way to help women understand PCOD and take natural lifestyle measures to moderate its symptoms.

Nirogam.com has offered effective Ayurvedic wisdom for almost every ailment for years. The site is also a resource of information on a variety of health issues. With a team of Ayurvedic doctors on board, founder Puneet Aggarwal provides guidance and wisdom to people seeking information – all with a personal touch.

The breakthrough 3 month free PCOD email course is based on practical information including easy diet control and lifestyle correction tips. It takes people through a series of informative sessions giving women the option to make small changes that bring large improvements in health.

The emails are a window to understanding exactly what aggravates the symptoms of PCOD and how by slightly tweaking lifestyle habits, women can get their lives back under control.

The course offers step by step solid ideas on how to successfully regulate insulin resistance. It also educates participants eyes on the hormonal process linking the intake of sugar to ovarian cysts and poor ovarian health and gives details on exactly what a sufferer can eat to alleviate PCOD.

The weekly emails also cover valuable information on the health complications of PCOD, how hormones come into play and how to manage hormones to eliminate cysts.

Menstrual issues and how to manage them with easy home fixes supported by specific Ayurvedic wisdom are also covered in the email series.

Full details on the email course can be found on the URL above.

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