PC Miracles of Detroit Informs Businesses Windows Server 2003 Official Support Ended

Detroit companies running Windows Server 2003 need to start making a plan to upgrade the software as its support is coming to en end July 14th, 2015.

Microsoft has recently announced that they will be ending support for the operating system of Windows Server 2003. This support will come to an end next summer [14th of July, 2015 to be specific].  An end to the official support for Windows Server 2003 means that vital upgrades will no longer be forthcoming. The continuous upgrades to virus protection, spyware, malware, and other items will cease on that date. 

System upgrades that make Windows Server 2003 smoother to run will also come to an end.Technical support will no longer be available from Microsoft for this system, for both software and hardware issues related to Windows Server 2003 systems.

Details – Microsoft believes that all software must come to an end, no matter how successful it has been. Windows Server 2003 is one of their most popular operating systems from a business and IT standpoint. Even in 2014, this software has been going strong at many companies around the world. However, Microsoft wants people to upgrade to a more modern server operating system.

Statistics show that there are around 11 million servers that still run Windows Server 2003. Most of these servers will receive upgrades over the next year, but owners have the option to permanently move to a newer recommended Windows server.

Issues – Using unsupported software is not a major problem if one is running a personal computer, unless the computer gets hacked and a person loses personal information. Some users still use Windows XP, even though official support has been ended for that system. However, with a server that runs on multiple computers in office buildings, it is vital to use supported software. 

There are numerous bugs, viruses and other issues that can plague these servers. Without the official support of Microsoft, it will be very difficult to maintain Windows Server 2003.

Options -The computers that run Windows Server 2003 will still run smoothly after the 14th of July 2015. However, no support will be available from Microsoft. Companies that are running this server have a choice. They can either continue to run unsupported software, or switch to a different Windows server system. A permanent upgrade would be the wise choice, especially if a company has a lot of computers that run this system. 

PC Miracles of Detroit would be happy to assist companies with the upgrade. It is recommended that companies begin the upgrade process sometime in early 2015, which gives them plenty of time before the 14th July deadline.

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