PBA-Check Re Releases and Refines Their Website For More Specific Reporting

What type of person needs a service such as that which PBA Check provides? This press release details the re-release of the website that allows business people to obtain information on those they are considering to associate with.

.Background checks, Easier than Ever

As the speed of business continues to increase, it’s tempting for companies to skim lightly over due diligence when hiring employees, forming partnerships or entering into contracts.

But neglecting to do a thorough search can spell disaster for the small business owner who finds he or she is on the hook for a decision that should have been red flagged at the outset.

Enter pbacheck.com, a full service company specializing in background checks, investigative reports, and business due diligence. Recently, they expanded their services, and have made their website more user-friendly, adding customization of reports so clients can really drill down to the information they need.

As to the re-releasing of the website, the company is quite happy with the changes made as it allow for a better understanding by the consumer as to just what the services offered entail.

“Background is something today’s business owners absolutely have to think about, but most have no idea how to go about it,” says CEO Daniel Reiff. “It’s the kind of research to give to a pro, not just an intern with a few hours to spare.

There’s an old adage that information is king, and nowhere is that more true than when it comes to having a clear picture of the companies people are doing business with. Is that particular vendor able to supply critical components reliable? Is the freight company really in compliance with all safety and transportation regulations? What’s the real ground-level picture at the company someone is thinking about acquiring?

Thorough background checks also are a good idea for individuals making major purchases, or considering an offer by a potential employer.

“It’s just always better to go into a situation knowing what you’re dealing with,” Reiff said. “That’s where PBA Check comes in.”

The seasoned attorneys and investigators at PBAcheck specialize in delivering solutions to help to mitigate and eliminate risk. They recognize the critical need for reliable intelligence and possess the professional investigative expertise necessary to empower savvy clients with just such information.

PBACheck is a full-service investigative and company specializing in background checks and due diligence for business clients, large and small. More information: www.pbacheck.com, support@pbacheck.com, (877) 300-4133

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