PayCertify Launches Advanced Secure Payment Gateway

PayCertify announces an advanced secure payment gateway service to help virtual or e-commerce businesses reduce their liabilities and potential chargeback ratios.

PayCertify, an innovative fraud solution for Card-Not-Present transactions, has launched a payment gateway that simplifies integration and provides advanced fraud and authentication tools for merchants.

Layering on top of Kount’sTM technology along with their own unique fraud solutions, PayCertify’s gateway is both easy to implement and use, saving merchants time with seamless integration. PayCertify also eliminates concerns about fraud with an enhanced authentication option.

The gateway includes PayCertify Secure, a 3D secure verification that integrates with Visa and MasterCard’s 3D-Secure program. The feature enables frictionless transactions at the point of sale, as it creates the handshake with Visa and MasterCard at the backend of the transaction. The secure process minimizes fraud risk and streamlines the checkout experience, thus reducing cart abandonment.

PayCertify protects merchants and consumers from start of the transaction through fulfillment and potential chargeback mitigation. PayCertify’s system ties every consumer purchase to the person placing the order, eliminating potential fraud on the front end and chargebacks on the back.

When a consumer places an order via phone or e-commerce website, PayCertify validates the email, phone number and produces a FraudScore of the customer. The customer receives a confirmation link via email and SMS to ensure authenticity. The customer then receives a unique code to input on the confirmation page, authenticating and tying the consumer to the transaction. This data is stored as proof if a chargeback should occur.

“Anyone who has a card-not-present business can use our technology whether they are virtual or e-commerce and reduce their liability and potential chargeback ratios,” PayCertify CEO Chase Harmer said. “Our mobile identification and persona authentication is winning in the battle against first and third-party fraud.”

The gateway is integrated with Shopify and seven other e-commerce platforms.

About PayCertify

PayCertify helps merchants process payments in a card-not-present environment. PayCertify’s solutions include gateway management, credit card processing and fraud protection. PayCertify confirms and validates purchases for merchants, and facilitates a smooth transition for service and product delivery. For more information visit

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