“Pay Per Call Ads” Webinar Helps Gives Answers on Using PPCall For Lead Gen

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Chris Winters held an informative webinar on how to make money with Pay Per Call Ads and for a limited time, Online Entrepreneurs can view the webinar for free at http://look.me/ChrisWinters

Online Entrepreneurs interested in learning more about the challenges of how to make money with pay per call ads can view an exclusive webinar on getting leads with PPCall campaigns without having to speak on the phone for free at the following link, brought to you by Chris Winters:


Chris Winters is the founder of Kallzu pay-per-call software, Kallzu SEO, Kallzu ads, Kallzu com and Kallzu fb local. Chris actually does what he teaches with the help of his team and software and has helped many students get real results. His trainings go over the same information he personally uses to work full time online.

In addition to answering questions about getting leads with PPCall campaigns without having to speak on the phone, Winters also covered how to automate the PPCall process during the webinar. One of the most surprising facts explored during the Chris Winters’s presentation is the ability to get PPC leads without having to speak on the phone, which few online entrepreneurs are aware of.

The full agenda of this informative webinar also includes:

How to automate the PPCall process – Chris reviews his process on how to automate his process requiring him to log in for just 30 minutes per week. He reviews his proprietary platform used for lead gen in detail, and discusses the opportunities available.

No customers needed – Chris reviews how to run a profitable business without customers using lead gen sites and other paid campaigns provided online.

For more information and to register for free access to the full video, interested online entrepreneurs can visit the website at http://look.me/ChrisWinters

Individuals who register for the free webinar will also be gifted a complimentary copy of their popular “Google PPCall Ads Cheatsheet: How to Get Sales and Leads For Less Than Adwords” PDF guide.

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