Pavement Rain Advertising 3D Eye Catching Street Marketing Site Launched

A new site based on different styles of advertising has been launched, in particular street advertising. The site details the different methods of street advertising that the company offers, which is perfect for anyone wanting to advertise their business in a unique way.

A new marketing site has been launched based getting more customers and increasing leads through a new, creative form of advertising called street advertising. The site is ideal for anybody looking to promote their business or website, and looking for a new ingenious way to advertise and appeal to more potential customers.

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Advertising is crucial for any business; it is how people find out about the work that companies can do. Advertising comes in many different forms, local adverts in newspapers, adverts on billboards, and in recent years with the growing use of technology such as computers and smartphones, adverts have taken to the internet.

The site is aimed at a different form of advertising altogether: street advertising. This is a way of advertising on the streets, meaning a huge amount of people will see the adverts every day. The site offers various different types of street advertising, such as “clean advertising”, which is done by taking an advert, and cleaning it onto a dirty pavement.

Another type of advertising that visitors to the site will see is “rain advertising”. This is where they use a rain repellent in order to paint an invisible advert on the street, which is then revealed as it rains.

Furthermore; visitors to the site will find that they also offer 3D street art advertising. With this method, their artists design a 3D advert and paint it onto the street, which can be incredibly engaging and eye-catching for passers-by.

In addition to these types of advertising methods, the site also offers grass advertising. Grass advertising is a style used where the advert is painted or cut into a field, meaning people will see it easily when flying overhead in an plane.

Street advertising states: “It was raining harder and harder on the way back from a meeting, at that point that I saw nearly all the people weren’t looking at the surrounding billboards or at their smartphones but they were all looking down at the shiny wet pavement as the rain drove down ever harder. That was my light-bulb moment: I needed to get adverts on the pavement.”

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