Paul Jozsef Counselling and Psychotherapy Launches New Website

Paul Jozsef - Counselling and Psychotherapy is pleased to announce the launch of its redesigned website (

The new website was launched to coincide with Australian Mental Health Week. With one in five Australians affected by mental illness, treatment of mental health issues is an extremely relevant and important issue facing the Australian community. 

The website has been designed to ensure visitors are provided with information on various mental health issues, as well as, information on how Paul Jozsef approaches work with his clients. 

The website outlines how psychotherapy and counselling can help individuals by giving them an opportunity to talk to an objective, specially-trained mental health professional to understand one’s symptoms, and to help adapt to how they feel, think and act in response to said symptoms. 

“Talking with a psychotherapy or counsellor provides the opportunity to express and work through issues that may help ease painful emotions and gain clarity about how to move forward,” said Paul Jozsef.  

Paul Jozsef works with adults and adolescents experiencing difficulty with issues including depression, anxiety, transpersonal integration, life direction and purpose, grief and trauma. Paul takes an integrative approach in his work with his clients often incorporating several psychotherapeutic modalities such as person-centred, psychodynamic, existential, transpersonal and mindfulness practices. 

“I work with clients to understand how their past may be currently influencing their life; how they make sense of, and derive meaning from, life; and how they can bolster their resilience to future challenging experiences,” said Paul Jozsef. 

The new website was designed to meet Google’s strict ‘mobile-friendly’ requirements. It allows information to be easily accessed on all mobile and tablet devices. The website is a one-stop resource for those wanting information on the services that Paul Jozsef – Counselling and Psychotherapy offers, as well as other helpful mental health information and resources. 

To learn more about Paul Jozsef – Counselling and Psychotherapy visit:  

About Paul Jozsef – Counselling and Psychotherapy  

Paul Jozsef – Counselling and Psychotherapy offers counselling and psychotherapy to adults and adolescents in Surry Hills, Sydney. Services include both in-person sessions as well as online consultations via Google Hangouts.  

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