Paul Coey Releases Video Interview Discussing New Dark Fantasy Novel “The Messenger”.

Paul Coey announces the release of an interview on Youtube, where he talks about his life as a writer of dark fantasy fiction for adults.

Prior to signing his contract with Iguana Books, Canada, on 6th September, 2014, for publication of his new fantasy novel The Messenger and Age of Endings series, Paul Coey agreed to a video interview to introduce himself to the fantasy world’s readership.

In this short interview Paul Coey gave an insight into his life and love of books and how growing up in Northern Ireland through The Troubles affected him as an individual and later influenced his writing.

When asked about the interview Paul said: I’m quite a shy person so I was a bit uncomfortable about doing this. Not that you’d think it once the interview started! He laughed and added: Maybe it’s that Irish gift of the gab thing, but I enjoyed it. So much so I might even do a second one!”

Set in the fictional continent of Annessa, The Messenger is a dark fantasy tale following Falnir Aasberg’s harrowing journey from the chaos of war-torn Ennor on his quest south for aid. Enduring brigands, hunger and unspeakable hardship in Annessa’s bitter midwinter, Falnir struggles with his conscience when faced with the loss and murder of his wife, his sanity slowly unraveling among the ghosts of those met and lost along the way: men he admired, women he loved, the children he could not save. A broken, haunted man, Falnir must deliver his message to save thousands—maybe even himself.

About Paul Coey:

After studying Mechanical Engineering at Aberdeen University, Scotland, Paul has worked as an engineer across the world, and is now occupied in North Africa. He is currently writing his third adult dark fantasy novel in the Age of Endings series set in the same bloody, brutal world as The Messenger, and can be contacted through his website at Paul is married and lives with his wife and sons in Sweden.

Paul is available for interviews and appearances. For booking presentations, media events, interviews and book signings contact or visiting his website

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