Patriot Mobility is Proud to Offer a Variety of Wheelchair Ramps & Installation

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Patriot Mobility offers a wide variety of wheelchair ramps, helping seniors and disabled individuals to go up and down stairs without having to move out of their wheelchair

Wheelchair ramps are a huge help to many seniors and physically disabled individuals who are confined to wheelchairs and cannot make it up even two or three steps in the front or back yard of their home. These ramps make it possible for wheelchairs to enter and exit the home while the wheelchair user remains seated.

Wheelchair Ramps are easily installed, and Patriot Mobility offers several different types of ramps such as, aluminum ramps, steel ramps, commercial ramps, wood ramps, threshold ramps, and folding ramps. Each of these options has benefits such as weather conditions safety, ease of access, ADA compliance, expert installation, or warranty and can be installed in most homes. Individuals and families should do their research to find which kind of wheelchair ramp would be the best fit for their home.

Some factors to consider when deciding which type of wheelchair ramp is right for you are weight capacity and ramp height and length. Weight capacity is an incredibly important factor for the user’s safety. Many motorized scooters weight up to seven or eight hundred pounds, it is crucial to make sure the ramp you choose can support the weight of your mobility device in addition to the users body weight and the weight of any additional medical devices that may need to be carried by the scooter. It is also very important to make sure the ramp height and length complies with ADA regulations. ADA requires all public and business wheelchair ramps have a 1:12 slope ratio. ADA also states that no ramp should be longer than 30 consecutive feet. These regulation guidelines are set to ensure optimal safety.

Patriot Mobility offers a wide variety of wheelchair ramps and other home safety and mobility products. Patriot Mobility can help individuals determine which kind of wheelchair ramp is ideal for their home and install it for them!

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