Patio Light Covers Announces their Official Company Launch

The unique, customizable and extremely durable string light enhancement products bring options for both personal use and professional marketing needs in any industry.

Patio Light Covers announces its official launch. The company brings their customizable string light covers to the needs of broad markets, both personal and professional. String lights have become very popular because they’re a simple, affordable way to customize the lighting just about anywhere. They’re easy to hang, easy to move and offer a quick solution for special events. Patio Light Covers were designed to take the benefits of string lights to a whole new level.

From personal home settings to hospitality settings like restaurants or hotels to entertainment venues or sporting events, lighting is a key consideration in setting the tone. Sean Halpin, the Founder, brings decades of professional design experience to the company. His inspiration for developing Patio Light Covers came from from taking in the views in an urban setting one evening and thinking that the lights he saw could use some personality. That’s exactly what he designed. Patio Light Covers allow individuals or companies to create themed lighting for any purpose – indoor or outdoor. Learn more here:


Even without custom images, logos, branding, etc., the light covers add a multi-dimensional aspect to standard string lights, indoors our outdoors.


With the options to use one or more images on each side or just one side, the covers can display love for family, pets, friends, vacation spots, etc. These custom string lights are the perfect touch for engagements, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, birthdays and more.

Company Branded

Patio Light Covers are an ideal marketing tool, as well, displaying and promoting any brand or logo – college or professional sports, food and alcohol brands, events, private venues, restaurants, hotel chains, etc.

Next-Level String Lights

After experimenting with various designs for a year, the Founder decided on a classic diamond shaped surface to display the images or logos. The 2.5-inch diameter surfaces make an elegant, stunning landing area.

The durable material used for these unique string light covers is the same polycarbonate polymer that’s used to make clear automotive headlight clear lenses. For that reason, Patio Light Covers are tough, durable, clear, UV resistant, dishwasher-safe.

The company has made the process very simple. Customers simply upload their images/logos through the user-friendly website. Each cover may display from one to four images/logos. Each box comes with 24 Patio Light Covers.

Patio Light Covers is taking orders and looks forward to bringing enhanced lighting option to private consumers and businesses everywhere.

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