Passive Income Online Training Remote Laptop Lifestyle Course Launched

An online course has been launched aimed at people who want to earn a regular passive income from anywhere in the world as it is ideal for beginners, stay at home parents, carers, and retirees.

A new online course has been launched aimed at people who want to earn a regular passive income and achieve the lifestyle they want anywhere in the world. The team behind the Fit-Preneur-Ship Money Magnets course explain it is ideally suited to struggling marketers, remote workers, and affiliates who want to take their online business to the next level.

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The newly launched course aims to teach participants about the latest digital marketing strategies, trends, and tools that are currently working for brands and businesses around the world. The team explain the Money Magnet course is broken down into three steps designed to help people live the life they have always wanted to.

Step one involves picking a niche area, which the team can help with by detailing new and emerging markets that affiliates are succeeding in. Step two focuses on adding in money links, and step three looks at activating traffic streams and understanding the results achieved. The team at Fit-Preneur-Ship explain that as with any successful business, the process must be repeatable.

Stay at home parents, carers, beginners, retirees, and people looking for a side job can all benefit from the course say the team as people can put in as much or as little free time as they have. No previous affiliate, marketing, or technical experience is required to be a success as participants essentially receive a complete business in a box when they sign up.

Scalability is another aspect of the course that makes it ideal for people who want to increase their monthly income or financial security. For instance, a participant may work part-time, complete the course, and then build their online business while still working. Over time they may want to grow it to be their main source of income.

A company spokesperson said: “At Fit-Preneur-Ship we understand how frustrating it is when you have been trying everything and not seeing results. You might dream of working from home – or anywhere in the world you want for that matter. If you want to lead a laptop lifestyle from anywhere, our course can help you.”

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