Pasadena TX Bedbug/Termite Exterminator – Pest Control Inspections Launched

HomeStackered (888-483-1536) has launched pest control inspection and extermination services for residential and commercial clients in and around Pasadena, TX. The company specializes in seasonal pest control against several species of termites that spawn in the Fall.

HomeStackered has launched termite inspection and extermination services in Pasadena ahead of the annual swarming season for the light southeastern subterranean termite, the arid-land subterranean termite, and other invasive species. The company’s pest control experts are available 24/7 for termite emergencies. The updated exterminator services are available for all types of pests including insects, pigeons, and rodents.

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Termite and bedbug inspections and estimates are available for residential and commercial properties. The updated services will include an initial inspection of the building’s interior and exterior to identify pest activity and potential risks.

Once the inspection is complete, areas with pest activity can be treated with safe, all-natural solutions that produce no side effects. Prevention products may also be installed to prevent future infestations. The company uses only animal-friendly products to ensure the safety of pets.

The Pasadena termite control experts suggest ways to prepare for the swarming season that sees increased termite activity across the Greater Houston area. HomeStackered exterminators will continue to monitor the area and adjust their pest-specific treatments to ensure long-term effectiveness. This may include periodic follow-ups and scheduled maintenance.

Due to the health risks of rodent infestations, the company advises that any clients with rodent issues contact them immediately. Rodents carry and spread up to 35 diseases that can be transferred to humans and are one of the most dangerous household pests. Often the diseases carried by rodents are not spread directly through bites or contact, but indirectly through fleas, ticks, or mites.

Experts also recommend getting a termite inspection before purchasing a new property, as many infestations can go unnoticed by homeowners, and the damage is rarely covered by insurance. Termite damage costs Americans more than $5 billion annually, and superficial home inspections can often miss the signs of a termite infestation.

HomeStackered is a group of licensed local home service experts who specialize in a wide variety of services that allow them to handle almost any job. The company provides experienced technicians for services such as pest control, plumbing, and home security. They also support local businesses by reviewing and recommending the best services to clients in their service area.

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