Pasadena CA Workers Compensation Injury Lawyer New Spanish Website Announced

The Law Offices of Robert M. Harman & Associates launched a new website in Spanish. They also announced complimentary consultations in the areas of work-related injuries and illness compensation.

The Law Offices of Robert M. Harman & Associates are offering complimentary consultations for those with any questions on Workers Compensation Benefits and other related topics. The firm has a new website which is also available in Spanish.

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Getting paid fairly and punctually for any work done is an essential part of an employee-employer relationship. Very often remuneration for services is an area mired in confusion and misunderstanding. The situation worsens when an employee is injured or if there is an accident at the work site.

The Law Offices of Robert M. Harman & Associates have made it very simple for their clients to acquire perfect clarity on many issues related to compensation and benefits. Their new website offers comprehensive information in both English and Spanish.

Additionally, the firm is also offering free consultations where clients can ask specific questions and get information on key issues such as Workers’ Compensation Benefits and Construction Site Accident Policies.

There are many things that can go wrong at a place of employment. At such times, a thorough knowledge of aspects such as filing a claim, wage replacement benefits, disability benefits and so on can be crucial. This law firm is very knowledgable with the experience you’re looking for in these areas and is committed to making the information clearly and easily accessible to all those who need it.

The Law Offices of Robert M. Harman & Associates are based in Pasadena, CA and have been serving the community of Los Angeles County since 2002. They have over 15 years of experience in handling every big and small detail of work-related injury, illness, compensation or benefits. The firm’s founder Mr. Robert M. Harman is a member of the California State Bar, license #: 195641 and the United States Supreme Court Bar.

For more information visit their website given above or call them on +1-626-296-9675

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