Pasadena Bathroom Remodeling Renovation Contractor Best Paint Guide Launched

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A new guide has been launched covering the best paint for bathrooms. Brucksch & Sons pride themselves on helping customers to make more informed buying decisions for all their home projects.

A new bathroom paint guide has been launched by Pasadena-based Brucksch & Sons. The new guide is designed to help homeowners choose the best paints that will stay looking good for longer.

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Brucksch & Sons Contracting LLC is a general contracting company serving Pasadena, Maryland and the surrounding area. The family owned business has been in operation since 2011 and provides homeowners with expert kitchen, bathroom and home addition services and advice, including guides on the best equipment and materials to buy and use.

The company are experts on finding the best finish for bathroom walls. They know that it is crucial to use the correct paint for longevity and staying looking good for a long time.

They explain that if the incorrect paint is used in areas of high heat and moisture levels, then it will eventually work its way into the paint causing mildew and peeling. Using semi-gloss paint for walls and ceilings and high gloss for cabinets is best practice. They resist heat and moisture more effectively.

Brucksch & Sons also offer further advice on the best materials to use in other areas of the bathroom. High quality porcelain tiles are the best finish for walls alongside the semi-gloss paint, and MDF and quartz are ideal for bathroom cabinets and countertops.

They suggest that homeowners should use porcelain tiles or luxury vinyl tiles when installing flooring as part of their bathroom remodelling project. Both come in a variety of stylish designs and are easy to clean.

Porcelain tiles are likewise also a good option for showers as well as glass shower dividers and doors. These are a better option than shower curtains as they are a more stylish option and are easier to keep clean. A quick squeegee after every shower use will keep them looking clean and shiny.

Company owner, Bobby Brucksch says of their services: “Seemingly small changes like this in the home can lead to a big impact on the lives of the family within. This is the driving force behind the work at Brucksch & Sons.”

Those wishing to find out more about Brucksch & Sons bathroom remodelling services and advice can visit the website on the link provided above. They can also be contacted at: (443) 681-6573.

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