Partnership Playbook by Maximum Response Publishes Video On Value Of Referral Marketing In New Case Study

Partnership Playbook, produced by Maximum Response, has just released a new video helping people see the value of their product with a free case study on the success of one of their main contributors.

Maximum Response is proving so successful because their customers are selling direct to their customers, but still fall short in leveraging opportunities available through strategic partnerships where a win-win could be created. The new Partnership Playbook aims to solve this by instructing entrepreneurs on how to create successful strategic partnerships that increase revenue, profits and customer happiness. They have just published the case study of Kevin, known as The JV Jedi because he masterfully links people together who can support each other in strategic partnership, and adds value by making sure the partnership is executed successfully.

The case study ( has been published in conjunction with the launch of the beta version of their Partnership Playbook, a private online resource detailing exactly how many of their deals have been executed and how, so others can learn from this example.

In the case study, Kevin describes three golden rules for success in referral marketing, in which companies can help related but not competing businesses redirect business to one another, creating as much as a 751% increase in sales. The video lasts just fifteen minutes, but the knowledge related in that runtime can have transformative results for proactive entrepreneurs.

A spokesperson for Partnership Playbook by Maximum Response explained, “'Kevin managed to fine-tune a process that enabled his business to grow exponentially, and it is currently valued at $13.5 million. He did this using knowledge and skills he has contributed to the creation of the partnership playbook, and we have chosen to share a summary of those insights for free online to help promote the product. These are the caliber of contributors the book has attracted, so entrepreneurs starting out would be crazy not to stand on the shoulders of these giants. All our strategies are simple to implement once we explain the step by step processes to take.”

About Partnership Playbook by Maximum Response: Maximum Response is a leading innovator in crafting strategic partnerships between entrepreneurs. Through their Partnership Playbook, they have trained hundreds of entrepreneurs on how to network, evaluate and create better strategic partnerships, which has led to hundreds of millions of dollars in increased revenue for their students.

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Organization: Maximum Response
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