Participatory Medicine & Adherence Platform, TrackMyStack reaches 5,000 users

TrackMyStack reaches 5,000 users of the popular Participatory Medicine & Adherence Platform product

TrackMyStack announces its 5,000 milestone for users of its Participatory Medicine & Medical Adherence Platform, TrackMyStack. A platform that ‘open-sources’ medical treatments for users to explore the most effective course of action for their health goal or condition based on patient reported data. In celebration of this major event, TrackMyStack is releasing more health condition pages and features to really empower the end user to be more active in managing their own health.. Details can be found on the website:

TrackMyStack has attracted users who are interested in a product that offers a ‘stacks database’ (A ‘stack’ is a collection of health regimens that people are taking for different health purposes, that can include medicine, medical devices, nutrition and fitness tasks.) which helps users see what other patients are taking for their health condition or health goal on a frequent basis via their journal and stack page. The continued popularity has spawned several innovations, including a detailed analysis of treatment breakdowns as part of their ‘health conditions’ page, adherence and refill reminder tools and a journal to make sure a patient’s care provider is up to date on what has been taken and when.

Akshay Khanna, CEO, has been extremely excited by the growing momentum of TrackMyStack and upon reaching this milestone within three months of official launch, had this to say “TrackMyStack let’s people manage their Health from Start to Finish. People can stay on top of their regimen with daily reminders, tracking & journaling. The software acts as a online personal medical record with tools to find the right treatment and adhere to it successfully.”

“The more people that use our platform, the more insights everyone gets into the efficacy of a treatment. This information is available for free (from willing people) to researchers, who can then work to make a treatment more effective for everyone. Individuals and care providers are hopeful because now they can quickly determine how a treatment may be altered to best suit the needs of their patient, friend or family member. It is quite literally a win-win for everyone and I welcome everyone to give us a try.”

People looking for a new Participatory Medicine & Medical Adherence Platform are encouraged to take a look at the TrackMyStack website at

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