Part 107 Test Prep Drone Pilot Training Course & Certification Services Launched

DARTdrones, a professional drone company, announced the launch of the new online and in-person drone training course that prepares students for the Part 107 exam, the so called Airman Knowledge Test, and helps them become educated certified drone pilots.

DARTdrones, a leader in drone training and program development, announced the launch of brand new online and in-person Part 107 test prep training services for drone pilots. Students who want to gain the necessary knowledge and skills as professionals or hobbyists and get an official remote pilot license are invited to join the online course and take the Part 107 test.

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Part 107 refers to a specific section of the FAA regulations covering the commercial use of drones that weigh less than 55 pounds. Following the FAA regulations, in order to operate a drone for any business purposes (to earn money) in the United States, drone operators need an official license.

To get this license, they can take online or in-person the Part 107 Airman Knowledge test prep course by the DARTdrones pilot academy.

The FAA introduced the special knowledge test that determines whether an applicant can earn a remote drone pilot license or not. The license is a requirement for all drone pilots in the United States who all take responsibility for their safety, for the safety of other people and the safety of the property.

The new online 107 test prep course by DARTdrones is comprehensive, practical and affordable. Students can find many useful resources and supplemental training material for the exam on the DARTdrones website. The course certificates that the students will acquire never expire. Upon finishing the course, many students of the academy have managed to establish successful drone-based businesses.

A satisfied DARTdrones student shared, “I successfully passed the private drone pilot course assignments and the Part 107 exam. Going through the DARTdrones training was an amazing experience. The class instructions were practical, informative and quite enjoyable.”

Students who take the course learn how to read and understand aeronautical charts and be competent pilots in command. They gain expert knowledge in decoding TAF reports and METAR data and weather in general. The online training helps them become educated drone pilots and gives them the necessary skills to complete safe missions.

The course features lots of free guides, training videos, online theoretical and practical lectures. The class size is limited to 12 people.

The training course was designed by certificated flight instructors and navy helicopter pilot and has been recognized by the FAA as an approved training program.

It helps users understand the difference between the manned and unmanned side of aviation and how to bridge the gap between the two. The course lecturers have years of experience as remote commercial drone pilots, flight instructors, and analyst of all things drone.

Students can also learn more about the importance of purchasing adequate insurance and discuss strategies for starting a new business and prepare for a new career opportunity. Drone pilot experts can offer drone services to many market segments including real estate, mapping and surveying, and inspection companies to generate income. .

Interested parties can apply for the DARTdrones pilot training at to prepare for the Part 107 test and obtain a remote pilot license.

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