Parkville MO Nervous System Holistic Healing – Alternative Therapies Launched

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Resonance Family Chiropractic & Nutrition (913-735-9168), a specialist chiropractic and nutrition clinic based in Parkville, Missouri, has launched a new holistic healing service.

Focusing on a patient’s nervous system, the clinic’s new treatments take a multidisciplinary approach to overcoming pain and injury and returning to a state of wellness and synergy in body and mind.

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The launch coincides with the ongoing global pandemic, the ramifications of which have stressed the importance of identifying and managing underlying health conditions, and maintaining a good level of general health and vitality.

As such, the clinic’s founder and key practitioner, Dr. Spencer Torres, utilizes his qualification as a medical doctor to take a holistic view of the symptoms his patients present with and a similarly integrated approach to treating them.

Understanding the flow-on effects which can quickly arise from a simple injury or misalignment, Dr. Torres works swiftly to prevent smaller problems from becoming more debilitating conditions.

Using chiropractic care as their principal treatment, Resonance Family Chiropractic & Nutrition diagnoses soft tissue, skeletal and joint problems and uses cutting-edge methodologies, including electronic needleless acupuncture, to fix them. These practices decrease pain, increase mobility, relieve stress, strengthen the immune system and return harmony to the nervous system.

In complement to this physical treatment, Dr. Torres employs his skills as a nutrition specialist to guide his patients towards a healthier diet. One which is nutrient and vitamin rich and can aid in the body’s natural healing processes.

The clinic is also proud to announce their acquisition of BioCharger’s innovative new alignment technology and the best in thermal infrared, EMG and HRV neuro scanning. With these tools, they are certain that they can identify and heal problems in the body and nervous system with greater accuracy than ever.

Resonance Family Chiropractic & Nutrition is proud to serve the Parkville and greater Kansas City community. Their goal is to devise integrated treatment plans that resonate with every cell in a patient’s body.

A spokesperson for the clinic said, “We focus on healing the nervous system, and we can create an individualized treatment plan that is specific to your body and built for your needs. Our practice is passionate about ensuring that your wellness is at its optimal level.”

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