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A newly launched remote working and productivity lifestyle guide has been launched by Mamabee. The popular parenting and lifestyle resource site helps professionals to establish a more productive workflow.

Mamabee, the popular online parenting and lifestyle resource site, has launched a new guide to working from home. It focuses on how to separate work from home life when operating remotely due to the pandemic.

More information can be found at: How to Separate Work From Home When You’re Working From Home (

The newly launched guide is designed to help home-based professionals during the impact of the current pandemic. Working from home has become more universal than ever, but while it provides numerous benefits, there are challenges to be faced.

Research shows that one of the most prominent issues facing remote workers is managing their work/life balance. Separating work and personal life can be difficult when working from home. This is where the newly launched guide is able to help.

It provides clear, detailed and actionable tips and strategies for remote workers to build a routine that supports both their home and work life. This is especially beneficial for those with children, pets or roommates that can disrupt habits and best-laid plans.

One of the most important elements to establish is a morning routine. Mamabee highlights that this lays the foundation for a successful day, and encourages a day of productivity and action.

Rather than beginning work first thing in the morning, the newly launched guide recommends establishing a morning routine that doesn’t involve work. This could include making a pot of coffee and eating a nutritious breakfast.

For ensuring optimal productivity and workflow, it can be beneficial to set office hours. Working remotely often means having a flexible schedule, but having this level of freedom can be disadvantageous for many.

Sticking to a routine can lead to increased focus during the predetermined working time. It can also help to avoid work bleeding over into evening leisure activities, or causing remote workers to stay up late to finish tasks.

The guide also recommends setting up a designated workspace, which can be an entire room or simply a desk and chair in the corner of the living room.

Mamabee states: “Setting up different sections of your house helps to establish clear working and relaxing zones. You may find it easier to focus and get your work done when your home office space is separated from your living area.” Mamabee has also added new feature on their website where there is abundance of library of free pintables to get more organized day to day. These free pintables can be found here : Printables – Mamabee.

Full details of the newly launched guide can be found on the URL above.

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