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ViralMomz, a social sharing and article cultivation site, has launched. It offers funny insights into popular topics like family, animals, and food, with videos that will capture the attention of any visitor.

A new site has launched for viral articles, social sharing features, and popular culture topics aiming to fill the gap where traditional blogs leave a void. Called ViralMomz, it is designed to gather together articles that captivate, inform, and uplift through a combination of feature pieces and videos in numerous different categories, looking at the world with an interesting slant.

More information can be found on the ViralMomz website at:

The site explains that whether visitors are a mom, dad, son or daughter, grandma or grandad, they can find something within the plethora of articles and videos that can be enjoyed and widely shared by people of all ages, genders and nationalities.

Many of the articles and videos are broken down into categories to make them easier to find when browsing the site. These include pets, parenting, life, food, and DIY. In addition to this there are popular and trending categories, fan favorites, and things that are just awesome on their own.

Through clicking into these categories, visitors to ViralMomz can find ands enjoy content to brighten up their day and share with their friends. Clicking through to the pets category reveals popular animal based topics of the moment, including a dog that uses toilet paper, an affectionate cat with no ears, and a dog that loves Santa.

Parenting includes a number of topics that cover familiar issues in a funny way, such as articles like 10 Parenting Fails That Will Crack You Up, and an article of cute photos that will make any parent want to get their child a pet as soon as possible. Other popular pieces include a series of images covering a photographer who has captured the secret life of toys.

This theme and tone is carried across the featured categories, like staff picks and fan favorites, where interested parties can discover amazing parrots, funny memes, and unique animal friendships aplenty.

A full list of categories and viral topics is available on the ViralMomz website, and anyone with questions or wanting to get in touch can do so through the contact form provided on site.

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