Paragon Accessories announces Black Friday Discounts for Its New Brand of Kitchen and Barbecue Tools

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Joining the mass of businesses competing for the attention of consumers during the Holiday Season, the online company is offering discounts on all of its products for as much as 40% off. The sale lasts from November 28th to December 15th.

New products such as Julienne Vegetable Peelers, Blade Meat Tenderizers, Meat Thermometers, Seasoning Injectors, and much more can bepurchased on using discount coupons accessed on their new website . Additionally Paragon will be offering discount coupons to their fashionproducts which include the 13 piece makeup brush set, as well as CentralAmerican handmade bracelets and water bottle holders that can be accessed at Fashion Coupon Codes .

“Customers should be able to participate in the annual BlackFriday shopping deals without having to leave the comfort of their homes thattraditionally are spent with family and friends” stated Victoria Keys,spokesperson for the company. “Now consumers will be able to watch football andenjoy their turkey feast and purchase their favorite products at massivediscounts conveniently from their homes with their electronic devices.”

This year customers will have access to the ParagonAccessory Black Friday coupon Codes not only through the Thanksgiving weekend,but right up to December 15th giving them plenty of time to receivethe product shipments before Christmas.

Following areexamples of some of the Holiday Season deals that will be available until mid-December.

48 Blade meattenderizer normally selling for $19.95 will be available for a 25% discount atcheckout on Amazon. Considered to be a superior tool for tenderizing meatcompared to the hammer models, the bladed design allows for marinades to soakinto the meat for optimum seasoning flavor. Comes with free cleaning brush.

2 Ounce StainlessSteel Meat Marinade Injector with two 6 inch needles normally selling for$29.95 will be available at a $30% reduction of $10 at checkout on Amazon. Thisprofessionally designed marinater is built to last and uses silicone sealersfor smooth injecting and control of leakage.

Stainless SteelJulienne Vegetable Peeler selling for $9.95 reduced by $20 at checkout onAmazon. The most versatile peeler design as it allows for peeling most fruitsand vegetables, in addition to cutting decorative strips of carrots, zucchinis,etc. It comes with a handy cleaning brush for hard to get at crumbs of food.

Slotted SiliconeSpoon selling for $11.95 reduced to 20% off at checkout on Amazon. Cookingspoon is designed with a 9 inch stainless Steel handle, spoon head made ofBPA-free silicone, and a hook at the bottom for hanging with your othercookware.

All of theGreentisory cooking tools come with a free 300 Grilling Recipes Ebook. “We’llalso be adding more products to the line by early December that will also havediscount codes available for the holiday season” added the spokesperson.

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