Paper Industry is Falling Behind on Environmentally Sound Business Practices

While many consumers do all they can to help protect the environment, one often overlooked area is in gift giving. One expert says he has the solution.

Most people are very conscience about keeping their environmental footprints to a minimum in order to reduce their impact on the earth. But one expert says that what most people don’t realize is that the paper industry, which includes gift wrapping products, accounts for a great amount of waste being dumped into the environment each and every year. The fact that most people simply wad up and throw away gift wrapping paper after opening a gift means that there is a lot of paper waste being dumped into landfills. But it simply doesn’t have to be that way, according to the spokesman from a company who claims to have the answer.

“It’s a shame,” says a spokesman for LA POP Expandable reusable bags. “With all of the effort going into recycling and reducing the amount of waste that people populate the earth with, it seems that an industry this huge has largely remained unaffected. But to be fair, there needs to be some change.”

And he’s right. The paper industry has sales of about $5.1 billion per year, and all of that paper has to go someplace. “Even if the gift wrap is recycled,” says the spokesman, “It still has to be processed, and that requires a lot of resources.”

People are slowly becoming more aware of the issue, but the efforts have been clumsy. For instance, some suggest using newspaper or old towels to wrap gifts with, but many people don’t want to present gifts wrapped like that.

One idea that seems to catching a lot of attention to using reusable tote bags or reusable gift bags in place of paper wrap. “The great thing about using reusable bags for gift giving is that they won’t end up in a landfill someplace.” In addition, itís almost like giving two gifts in one-the actual gift and a great bag that can be used for other things, like school lunches, grocery shopping, or even re-gifting purposes.

“It’s like most things-if consumers were aware of the impact something as simple as gift giving has on the environment, they wouldn’t think twice about using reusable bags instead of paper products,” said the spokesman. “But the challenge is getting the word out and making people realize the impact they could have.”

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that every American uses about two pounds of wrapping paper each and every year. Just imagine how much less waste would enter America’s landfills every year if people began to use reusable gift bags rather than wrapping paper.

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