Pandemic-Induced Emotional Stress — New Guide For Dissolving Unwanted Emotions

lronox Works is offering a new how-to video sequence dedicated to helping adults who suffer from unwanted emotions. Anyone interested can obtain the guidance at:

lronox Works is offering a new how-to video sequence dedicated to helping adults who suffer from unwanted emotions The emotional empowerment sequence identifies and teaches the 2 relevant skills that most people lack, namely, how to dissolve unwanted emotions quickly when they arise and how to prevent them from arising initially.

Given continuing pandemic-related deaths and physical illness, there’s also greatly increased emotional suffering and significantly higher rates of domestic violence, homicide, and suicide. “Not since the second world war have so many people in so many places been traumatized at once.” [The Economist 29 Aug-4 Sep 2020] Even at the beginning of 2020, Ironox Works claims that Energy Testing revealed that most adults were dissatisfied and feeling unfulfilled.

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Anyone interested in the how-to guidance may sign up without cost or obligation at:

According to Ironox Works, prolonged emotional distress is optional. Temporary suffering from unwanted emotions is normal, but any that lasts more than a few days is unnecessary. The sequence explains how to dissolve them quickly, easily, and with as little stress as possible. The information is also designed to be used by those who counsel others who suffer from prolonged emotional distress.

The sequence undermines 6 popular myths about emotions that keep people stuck. According to the videos, every emotion has the same 3-fold structure. Understanding the nature of, for example, anger, fear, guilt, grief, or shame allows the unwanted emotion to identified, accepted, and quickly dissolved. The key is focusing on the egocentric evaluative judgment at the heart of every unwanted emotion, namely, “This is bad for me.” The sequence includes videos specifically about those five emotions and, of course, much more.

When asked for additional information about the sequence of short videos, the reason behind creating them, and what they are intended to accomplish, philosopher and life coach Dr. Dennis E. Bradford: “I’m grateful for the blessings life has given me. I’ve no complaint whatsoever. Offering this sequence of short videos is a way of giving something back.” He’s the author of over 30 books and was a professor for 32 years at SUNY Geneseo. Dr. Bradford said: “It’s liberating to escape from emotional prison! The videos offer concrete, simple practices for curing emotional distress and increasing emotional well-being as well as help understanding the theory that justifies those practices. There is no charge for the sequence, and there’s nothing missing from it.”

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