Panama Private Investigation/Detective Legal Experts Announce Global Expansion

Addressing growing concerns regarding private investigation methods, ISOG, a detective agency operating out of Panama, has expanded its range of services to reach clients worldwide.

The organization’s latest service offering expansion looks to exploit its combined legal and research practice experience to assist international clients through direct agents and network partnerships. This includes, among a host of potential concerns, conducting background checks, corporate investigations, and fraud detection and investigation.

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The recently expanded service range aims to provide more competent, comprehensive options from which to begin acquiring reliable case information.

In recent years, the demand for private detectives and investigators has increased steadily out of growing concern over issues like privacy and information security in the digital age. According to reports, cybercrimes alone are expected to produce worldwide damages in excess of 10 trillion dollars by 2025.

To combat this growing threat, ISOG carries out detailed investigations to give clients the advice and tools they need to better navigate complex flows of information through both public and private channels.

The organization’s international services reach over 120 countries and provide analyses of specific entities and transactional relationships to help solve cases with care and discretion.

Whether investigating identity theft or corporate fraud, clients can expect to have cases examined for the vital evidence necessary to satisfy any existing legal filing requirements for their jurisdiction.

From there, information is compiled to uncover a host of specific details ranging from personal associations to criminal history, thus building a more robust body of material for future action.

Services may then continue through legal planning and execution stages via in-house attorneys and external partners, potentially saving clients both time and money through consolidated attention from beginning to end.

With this latest announcement, ISOG opens the door to a much wider range of service possibilities geared toward protecting the property and rights of international clients. To explore the company’s services, please visit

A spokesperson for the agency states: “With dedicated attention to maintaining international-level standards, our talents have been used by organizations like the UN as well as local European governments. As lawyers, we combine both investigative knowledge and legal best practices to provide comprehensive services unique among our peers.”

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