Palo Alto CA Gut Dietician Nutritionist Leaky Gut Natural Treatment Launched

iChoose Wellness Center and Dr. Chris Colgin have launched leaky gut syndrome repair in Palo Alto, California. He uses a non-inflammatory diet to cure this disease.

A leading gut dietitian and nutritionist has launched services in Palo Alto, CA. Dr. Chris Colgin specializes in helping individuals who suffer from leaky gut syndrome.

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Dr. Colgin has launched services in Palo Alto California and is helping patients treat the symptoms of what’s commonly called leaky gut. Beyond symptoms, he treats the root cause of what causes this syndrome. Dr. Colgin helps patients by educating them about their bodies and then teaches them the best course of action to permanently cure leaky gut.

iChoose Wellness Center is placing patients in Palo Alto on a personalized diet designed for the patients who come to them with irritable bowel syndrome. The gut health specialist assists patients by placing them on an anti-inflammatory meal program. The program makes exercise optional and there are no gritty shakes, cardboard bars, or prepackaged meals involved in Dr. Colgin’s program.

Patients in Palo Alto have begun reporting that many issues associated with leaky gut have diminished after beginning on Dr. Colgin’s anti-inflammatory meal program. The results of taking Dr. Colgin’s advice include leaky gut repair, improved immune system, calm intestinal inflammation, pain relief, digestive issues, more energy, better sleep, reduced cravings, better-looking skin, and an overall feeling of wellness.

Dr. Colgin explains, “Inside of our stomach we have an extensive lining with more than 3,500 square feet of surface area where your body absorbs nutrients in foods. When your gut isn’t working properly, it forms a tight barrier that controls what gets absorbed into the bloodstream.”

A recent video has been produced by iChoose Wellness Center where Dr. Chris Colgin talks about how and why leaky gut can cause inflammatory diseases, metabolic diseases, systemic immune dysfunction, and potentially even cause individuals to be more susceptible to COVID 19. To view all educational videos about this service visit

The launch of services for residents of Palo Alto by this experienced nutritionist promise relief from the suffering associated with the leaky gut syndrome.

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