Palm Harbor Eyelash Extension Training – Lavish Lashes Corporate HQ Announced

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Palm Harbor, Florida-based eyelash extension training school Lavish Lashes has announced its latest expansion with new corporate office premises. The move allows Lavish Lashes to enact further improvements to its national eyelash care instructional courses for staff and participants.

With its new expansion, Lavish Lashes puts itself in a better position to provide its students with comprehensive eyelash extension training via advanced facilities. The new corporate office also allows the company to ensure that the needs of its staff and customers are met in the pursuit of optimal teaching standards.

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The latest announcement comes as Lavish Lashes continues to serve beginners and experienced beauticians or salon owners with modern instruction solutions. Encompassing an innovative classroom area for up to eight students, a hands-on salon training room, and other features, the new location furthers the company’s ongoing commitment to eyelash extension education.

Due to the company’s rapid growth in recent years, Lavish Lashes emphasizes that its new corporate office location serves to promote extensive professional development for its staff. By adding additional classroom spaces, the company improves its capacity for the delivery of esthetic tutoring.

Also included among the new facilities are an eyelash modelling photography studio and a showroom for beauty products. In addition, Lavish Lashes is now equipped to host in-house and remote publicity or training events via its luxurious outdoor pavilion area. These resources enable the company to boost its business practices while strengthening its involvement in the eyelash care industry.

Students and customers can further benefit from the company’s expansive range of eyelash training courses, delivered in workshops by trainers all over the United States and Canada. Upcoming classes include those aimed at the achievement of basic certification alongside classical mastery and volume blends artistry sessions for advanced students.

As the company approaches its 17th anniversary of operation, Lavish Lashes continues to support both students and longtime veterans of the beauty profession. Through the usage of industry-leading products and innovative eyelash techniques, the company aims to cement itself as a central hub for those with ambitions in the esthetic world.

A spokesperson said: “Are you thinking about becoming a Certified Eyelash Extension Professional? Lavish Lashes is the premier lash company in the industry. Our unique application method, the One-Step Sequence for Perfect Bonding, is the safest and most efficient method for perfect technique in eyelash extension applications. We offer top of the line products and training by industry-leading instructors.”

Interested parties are invited to visit to learn more about Lavish Lashes and its specialist eyelash extension training programs.

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