Palm Desert CA Back Neck Pain Chiropractor Auto Accident Treatments Launched

A chiropractor in Palm Desert, CA has launched a new range of treatments aimed at people suffering from neck and back pain due to an auto accident, chronic issues, or a recent personal injury.

An established chiropractor based in Palm Desert, CA has launched a new range of treatments aimed at people suffering from neck or back pain due to an auto accident. Dr. Barry Nelson has been treating patients in the Coachella Valley for over two decades and explains he focuses on helping people to reach full recovery from auto accident injuries whenever possible. He also treats patients in Rancho Mirage, Indian Wells, and has many patients that visit him from outside of the Coachella Valley.

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The newly launched treatments are aimed at people who have suffered an injury due to an auto accident, whether it involved a car or motorcycle. Dr. Barry explains the specialized restorative chiropractic treatments he offers are designed to provide relief from lower back pain, neck pain, stiffness, and whiplash.

Restoring full body function and mobility is the primary goal of the treatment. Dr. Barry says taking proactive action early on can prevent permanent damage, which can help people get back to work quickly after an injury.

Misalignment within the back can be uncomfortable and cause other issues. If it is not treated explains Dr. Barry, it can cause long-term chronic pain, joint stiffness, reduced mobility, discomfort, and can lead to bone deformities.

Chiropractic treatments that target the back and neck can help people dealing with a recent injury as well as those with chronic back pain. Dr. Barry offers injury recovery and rehabilitation as well as targeted treatments for painful or sore areas.

The tailored approach taken by Dr. Barry enables him to fully understand the root of his patient’s problem. This ensures an effective treatment care plan and solution are implemented and can help patients achieve their long-term health goals. He says over the years he has learned that continued care is a crucial element of the recovery process.

A representative said: “Dr. Barry has been serving Coachella Valley since 1986 and specializes in helping patients who have been in car or motorcycle accidents and helps them make a full recovery. The specialized chiropractic techniques applied can prevent long-term damage and enable the body to heal.”

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