Palm Beach FL Insurance Claims Expert Public Adjuster Services Launched

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The People’s Choice Public Adjuster in Palm Beach, FL, announces the launch of its professional public adjuster service to help property owners. Their services are comprehensive and begin with a free claim inspection.

The People’s Choice Public Adjuster based in Palm Beach, FL, announces the launch of its Public Adjuster services to handle the process of insurance claims and secure the highest settlement possible for their customers. They also work along with the insurance companies to get a customer’s property damage repaired quickly.

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The newly released public insurance adjusting service by this firm has been designed to save time and effort for a customer. The expert team from the company will access and record all damages efficiently and accurately. They will connect directly with the insurance company regarding the claim on behalf of the customer and keep them in the loop at every step of the process.

The People’s Choice Public Adjuster works for the customer and not for any insurance company. They handle all details and documentation required for the claims process and the benefit for the customer is that they only pay the company if they get paid. Added to that, the customer only pays a percentage of the recovered funds and not out of pocket.

The People’s Choice Public Adjuster deals with property loss claims caused due to fire damage, water damage, and wind damage. Mold, losses from tornadoes and floods, plumbing and air conditioning leaks, as well as loss from theft and vandalism are some of the scenarios handled by the claims specialists. Claims settlements have been processed by the public insurance adjusters from this company for both residential as well as commercial properties.

The public adjusting staff of this firm is all licensed to practice in Florida and has vast experience in navigating the complicated field of insurance claims in the area. Their knowledge and understanding of the details of the insurance policies and working of the insurance industry enable them to get the best settlements possible.

If a property owner is dealing with a denied insurance claim currently, they can contact The People’s Choice Public Adjuster to conduct an immediate free claim analysis. After that, the claims adjuster representative can take the process forward.

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