Palm Beach County Online Reading For Kids Practice Aloud Services Launched

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Reading practice platform Let’s Get Booking announced a series of online and live reading practice events for children in Palm Beach County, Florida.

Let’s Get Booking, a reading resources and dyslexia solutions website, announced the launch of a non-judgmental online environment where parents and children can practice their reading. By offering struggling readers the chance to read aloud to a completely non-judgmental audience, the organization helps them improve their reading abilities, gain the self-confidence needed to enjoy better reading, and overcome potential reading-associated learning disabilities.

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The website offers a variety of online reading opportunities, including virtual storytelling events, reading aloud practice, virtual learning and seminars, and many more.

All reading events have a non-judgmental audience, to ensure that children are as comfortable as possible. Depending on their preferences, children can choose between reading to a virtual princess, as well as dogs, cats, bunny rabbits, and other animals.

By practicing reading aloud in a comfortable environment, children can strengthen their reading skills, improve their self-confidence, and develop better overall learning abilities.

Founded in 2018, Let’s Get Booking has already helped many children and parents overcome dyslexia and other reading difficulties.

As well as offering various online reading opportunities, the organization also provides live reading aloud opportunities by partnering with various local Palm Beach organizations. One of their partners is the local Petco store in Palm Beach Gardens and their pet rescue partner, All For One Pet Rescue. After registering online, parents can go to All For One Pet Rescue and encourage their children to read aloud to one or more dogs.

Website founder Shane Herman said: “We’re the place people of all ages can come to practice reading without being judged and earn rewards along the way. Right now our focus is on kids, but as we grow we plan to offer assistance for those whose struggles with reading make it more difficult to function and excel in the workplace. Let’s Get Booking is an online community that brings together struggling readers and their families with opportunities to practice and improve their reading without being judged (that’s the real key to it).”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting the above-mentioned website.

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