Palm Bay FL Custom Handmade Artisan Knives Best Luxury Everyday Carry Launched

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A new range of handmade luxury knives has been launched by Liong Mah Designs. They offer customers high quality products in a range of styles.

A new range of quality handmade knives has been launched by Liong Mah Designs. Customers looking for artisan handmade knives will find a wide range of options to choose from with their latest catalog, providing quality alternatives to WeKnife, Chris Reeves Knives, Benchmade and BladeHQ.

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The newly launched knife range is designed to provide customers with the highest quality solutions and craftsmanship.

Liong Mah is a well known knife designer with wide-ranging expertise in the field. He has established a reputation for customer service, and will go out of his way to ensure customers receive the highest quality custom knives.

The business was created with a focus on evolving man’s oldest tool. Liong Mah explains that the knife is functional art, and this underscores the care and attention he puts into every product he works on.

As a former pastry chef in New York City, he used knives daily. He also became accustomed to getting the most out of each knife.

His passion for knives started at a young age. When other children were doodling in their notebooks, he was creating his own hand drawn knife designs.

Then, once he learned CAD, he was able to appreciate more fully how knives worked from the inside out. For the last 18 years, he has been creating bespoke knives and bringing his ideas to life.

His unique knife range includes the Hawk 3D Sculpted Titanium knife, a titanium and marble carbon fiber inlay option, and a similar design with green micarta inlays.

The Hawk is inspired by a traditional slip joint folder but redesigned as a flipper operated frame lock. Each knife and tool is a result of obsession with fine engineering, craftsmanship, and a commitment to perfection.

A spokesperson for the company states: “Incorporating useful sensibility in my work along with traditional styles and using modern materials, these are the aspects of Liong Mah Design. Never stopping at good enough, I questioned why that was done that way and especially if something could be done a better way.”

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