Paleo Menu Works for the Holiday

Enjoy the Holidays by eating like our ancestors! The Paleo Diet is high in whole roasted meats and seafood, lots of vegetables, fruits in season, and a few whole grains. Little is wasted when using fresh ingredients made from scratch!

The Paleo Diet, in short, reflects eating like our ancestors ate hundreds of years ago. It is high in whole roasted meats and seafood, lots of vegetables, fruits in season, and a few whole grains. Everything is made from scratch using fresh ingredients, and little is wasted.

What does that sound like? Images of Thanksgiving dinner begin to fade into the scene! Or Hanukkah or Christmas dinner, too! These feasts are timeless and include slow roasted turkey, lamb, or ham, cooked with the bones in to extract the nutrients from the bones and marrow. Root vegetables like yams, sweet potatoes, white potatoes, red-skinned potatoes, turnips, rutabagas, and beets! Fresh, oven roasted or grilled, they are a far cry from the canned vegetables many had as children. Please try them again.

And then there are the greens: The good old stand-bys of broccoli and green beans. Subsituting Brussel sprouts, artichokes, peas and lima beans makes a unique change the times standards. Fresh lima beans simmered, drained, and buttered are a favorite in some households! When fresh they don’t have that mealy texture that is present in the canned or frozen varieties.

The Paleo Diet skips most of the breads, rolls, and stuffings. And, these foods simply don’t have a high nutritional value. While it’s ok to have a little, it’s best to keep the portions small.

And then there’s desert: pumpkin pie, apple pie, cherry, blueberry, sweet potato pie… and carrot cake! With big chunks of nuts, currants, and carrot strips baked into the goodness.

Paleo Diets minimize the inspired guilt from over-eating during the holidays while families enjoy a plateful of truly healthy and nutritionally dense foods. Choosing the fresh whole foods that aren’t covered in sauces is a good rule of thumb!

Healthier Holidays tips from Heirloom Academy!

Maggie Conklin, Director


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